University: Technical University of Košice
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Department: Department of Computers and Informatics
Course Number: 26000657 Course Name: Technologies based on Switched Networks
Type, scope and method of learning activities:
Course Type: Lecture, Laboratory exercise
Recommended scope of the course content (in hours):
Full-time study (hours per week): 2,2
Part-time study (hours per semester): ST 26,26
Study Method: Attendance
Number of credits: 6
Recommended semester of study: ST
Recommended semester Study programme Study grade Study Method
1.rok ST Cybersecurity (KB_Ing_D_sk)
Informatics (INF_Ing_D_sk)
Informatics (INF_Ing_D_en)
Level of study:
Prerequisites: 2615821 - Application of the network technologies
Course completion requirements:
Assessment and completion of the course: Credit test and examination
Continuous assessment: Student passes the continuous assessment and receives credits when he or she meets the requirement to obtain at least 21% out of 40%.
mid-term assessments on-line, 14 intermadiate assessments, 40% of the final evaluation
Final assessment: Student passes the final assessment and passes the examination when he or she meets the requirement to obtain at least 31% out of 60%.
10% final exam
50% verbal examination
Overall assessment: Overall assessment is the sum of the assessments obtained by students in the assessment period. The overall result is determined in accordance with the internal regulations of the Technical University in Košice. (Study Regulations, the internal regulation principles of doctoral studies)
Learning outcomes:
Subject represents close interconnection of the study programme with the industrial experience where the goal is to prepare students for industrial certification of CCNP Switch (642-813 Switch – Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks). Student will get essential information on how the large scale networks are designed with the emphasis placed on switching on different layers of the OSI model. Student will learn how to build and maintain virtual local area networks, how to route between the VLANs and how to manage large scale wireless infrastructures.
Brief course content:
1.   Introduction to large scale switched networks
2.      Virtual local area networks and their implementation
3.      Implementing Spanning Tree Protocol, part 1
4.      Implementing Spanning Tree Protocol, part 2
5.      InterVLAN routing
6.      Short time reaction networks (Rapid STP)
7.      Wireless LANs
8.      Development of the wireless networks
9.      Configuring WLAN devices
10.     VoIP transmission
11.     Securing the IP communication, part 1
12.     Securing the IP communication, part 2
Recommended Reference Sources:
1. Networking Academy Program, CCNP Switch course
2. H. Benjamin: CCNP Practical Studies: Routing, Cisco Press, Indianopolis, 2002, 545 pp.
3. Robert Wright: IP Routing Primer. Cisco Press., Indianopolis, 1998, 290 pp.
4. Craig Hunt: Konfigurace a správa síti. TCP/IP. Computer Press, Praha, 1997, 460 str.
5. Dilip C. Naik : Internet : standardy a protokoly. Computer Press, Brno, 1999.6.
6. Doyle J., Carrol J.: Routing TCP/IP
Recommended optional program components:
Languages required for the course completion:
Course assessment:
Total number of students assessed: 170
  A B C D E FX  
  17% 15% 26% 25% 6% 11%  
doc. Ing. František Jakab, PhD.
doc. Ing. Peter Feciľak, PhD.
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