University: Technical University of Košice
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Department: Department of Computers and Informatics
Course Number: 2617581 Course Name: Data structures and algorithms
Type, scope and method of learning activities:
Course Type: Lecture, Laboratory exercise
Recommended scope of the course content (in hours):
Full-time study (hours per week): 2,2
Part-time study (hours per semester): WT 26,26
Study Method:
Number of credits: 6
Recommended semester of study: WT
Recommended semester Study programme Study grade Study Method
2.rok WT Informatics (INF_Bc_D_sk)
Informatics (INF_Bc_D_en)
Level of study:
Course completion requirements:
Assessment and completion of the course: Credit test and examination
Continuous assessment: Student passes the continuous assessment and receives credits when he or she meets the requirement to obtain at least 16% out of 30%.
test, programming project
Final assessment: Student passes the final assessment and passes the examination when he or she meets the requirement to obtain at least 36% out of 70%.
written and oral examination
Overall assessment: Overall assessment is the sum of the assessments obtained by students in the assessment period. The overall result is determined in accordance with the internal regulations of the Technical University in Košice. (Study Regulations, the internal regulation principles of doctoral studies)
Learning outcomes:
Student will acquire the basic knowledge on data structures, their properties and relations to algorithms. He becomes familiar with methods for design of effective algorithms. Student will learn essential approaches from the area of data sorting and searching. He will also learn, how to use the knowledge practically.
Brief course content:
1. Algorithm. Algorithm representation and analysis.
2. Basic data structures, abstract data types (ADT).
3.-4. Methods for design of effective algorithms.
5. Sorting, problem definition, selected algorithms.
6. ADT set, hashing, hashing functions, searching, BST.
7. Balanced Trees.
8. Data structures and algorithms for external storage - external sorting, hashed files, indexed files.
Recommended Reference Sources:
1. Cormen, T.H., Leiserson, C.E, Rivest, R.L., Stein, C.: Introduction to Algorithms. The MIT Press, 2001.
2. Aho, A.V., Hopcroft, J.E, Ullman, J.D: Data Structures and Algorithms. Addison Wesley, 1983.
3. Aho, A.V.,Hopcroft, J.E., Ullmann, J.D.: The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms. Addison Wesley, 1974.
4. Goodrich, M.T., Tamassia, R.: Algorithm Design, John Wiley a Sons, Inc., 2002.
5. Mehlhorn, K., Sanders, P.: Algorithms and Data Structures, Springer-Verlag, 2008.
6. Knuth, D.E.: The Art of Computer Programming. vol.1-3. Addison Wesley, 1969.
7. Ehrig, H., Mahr, B.: Fundamentals of Algebraic Specifications. EATCS Monographs, 1990.
8. Weiss, M. A.: Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C, Addison-Wesley, 1997.
Recommended optional program components:
Languages required for the course completion:
Course assessment:
Total number of students assessed: 3679
  A B C D E FX  
  4% 11% 20% 26% 20% 20%  
doc. Ing. Slavomír Šimoňák, PhD.
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