University: Technical University of Košice
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Department: Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics
Course Number: 2608531 Course Name: Operational Analysis
Type, scope and method of learning activities:
Course Type: Lecture, Numerical exercises
Recommended scope of the course content (in hours):
Full-time study (hours per week): 2,2
Part-time study (hours per semester): ST 26,26
Study Method: Attendance
Number of credits: 6
Recommended semester of study: ST
Recommended semester Study programme Study grade Study Method
3.rok ST Computer Modelling (PM_Bc_D_sk) Bachelor Attendance
Level of study: Bachelor
Course completion requirements:
Assessment and completion of the course: Credit test and examination
Continuous assessment: Student passes the continuous assessment and receives credits when he or she meets the requirement to obtain at least 11% out of 20%.
written form test
Final assessment: Student passes the final assessment and passes the examination when he or she meets the requirement to obtain at least 41% out of 80%.
oral form exam
Overall assessment: Overall assessment is the sum of the assessments obtained by students in the assessment period. The overall result is determined in accordance with the internal regulations of the Technical University in Košice. (Study Regulations, the internal regulation principles of doctoral studies)
Learning outcomes:
To give basic knowledge from operational analysis and some applications on the topic. Implement practical calculations in suitable programs - MATLAB, Excel, Geogebra.
Brief course content:
1. Linear programming and other tasks on it.
2. Basic solution and way of its determination. 2D and 3D cases.
3. Criteria of the optimal solution.
4. Simplex method. Dual problems.
5. Coherence between primary and dual solutions.
6. Integer programming problem.
7. Transportation problem.
8. Assignment problem.
9. Other optimization problems (CPM, PERT, etc.).
Recommended Reference Sources:
1. Plesník, J. - Dupačová, J. - Vlach, M.: Lineárne programovanie, Alfa Bratislava, 1990, ISBN: 80-05-00679-9.
2. Gass, S. I.: Lineárne programovanie. Alfa Bratislava.
3. Zuchovskij, S. I. - Radčíková, I. A.: Matematické metódy síťové analýzy. SNTL Praha, 1973.
4. Berežný, Š. - Kravecová, D.: Lineárne programovanie, TU Košice, 2012, ISBN 978-80-553-0910-1.
5. Berežný Štefan - Hajduová Zuzana - Kravecová Daniela: Úvod do lineárneho programovania, Sosnowiec, Poland, Humanitas University Sosnowiec 2013, ISBN: 978-83-61991-74-8.
Recommended optional program components:
Languages required for the course completion: Slovak
Notes: To successfully complete the course, it is necessary to obtain a credit and successfully pass the exam. This includes the student's participation in educational activities of direct teaching, lectures, exercises, as well as independent study and independent creative activity of the student in processing the semester assignment / assignments, project on a specified topic,
to a specified extent, in a specified design of a total of 150 hours intensity of the student's work per semester.
Course assessment:
Total number of students assessed: 348
  A B C D E FX  
  8% 7% 15% 28% 26% 17%  
doc. RNDr. Helena Myšková, PhD.
RNDr. Štefan Berežný, PhD.
RNDr. Juraj Valiska, PhD.
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